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Take pet dog home from Malaysia
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You need to prepare Animal Health Certificate, Vaccine injection record, import certificate. For entry by Beijing and Shanghai, the pet has to be isolated for 7-30 days while not necessary for Guangzhou entry.

Pet Immigrant is highly experienced in international pet relocation. We are convinced that our professional and attentive service will ensure you and your pet to enjoy a pleasant journey. Pet Immigration has remained its leading position in pet entry and exit.

Pet going abroad is trial and even 'hard' process. You need to frequently go to customs, animal entry exit inspection and quarantine departments, pet hospital, materials required by airline s Documents and requirements differs by different countries.  But you entrust us to handle all this details for you and just enjoy the pleasant trip with your pets.



1. Vaccine injection and chip implants.

2. Pet exit physical examination.

3. The application of customs clearance documents and animal health certificate. 4, Booking cabin, customs inspection, and baggage check.

In addition, we have years of experience in pet entry, and can help fast customs clearance of pet entry, so that you and your pets do not need to be apart for too long.

For more details, please visit +86-20-39928922. Customer service: +86-20-39928922.

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