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Pet Immigrant is highly experienced in international pet relocation. We are convinced that our professional and attentive service will ensure you and your pet to enjoy a pleasant journey. Pet Immigration has remained its leading position in pet entry and exit.


Pet going abroad is trial and even 'hard' process. You need to frequently go to customs, animal entry exit inspection and quarantine departments, pet hospital, materials required by airline s Documents and requirements differs by different countries.  But you entrust us to handle all this details for you and just enjoy the pleasant trip with your pets.



1. Vaccine injection and chip implants.

2. Pet exit physical examination.

3. The application of customs clearance documents and animal health certificate. 4, Booking cabin, customs inspection, and baggage check.

In addition, we have years of experience in pet entry, and can help fast customs clearance of pet entry, so that you and your pets do not need to be apart for too long.

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How to carry on the inspection and quarantine procedures for entry passengers with companion animals?

Passengers carrying companion animals (limited to dogs and cats, each limited to carry a) at the time of entry, are required to have a of the exporting country (area) official veterinary quarantine office shall issue a quarantine certificate and rabies vaccination certificate to the inspection and quarantine administration at the port of entry declaration. The inspection and Quarantine of dogs, cats, granted entry, and in the inspection and quarantine institutions designated places for a period of 30 days of quarantine.


How to apply for the live animals import?

1. Quarantine examination and approval

(1) Application

The unit for the examination and approval formalities shall be a unit with an independent legal personality and a trade contract or agreement shall be signed directly to the outside. Application unit shall be in accordance with the provisions truthfully fill out and submit the "Chinese people into the territory of the Republic of animal and plant quarantine permit application form" (hereinafter referred to as the "Quarantine Permit Application Form"), and provide the following materials:


I.Certificate of legal person qualification of the applicant unit (photocopy)

II. Imported animals need to be in temporary isolation field quarantine shall fill out the "application form for entry of the animals, temporary isolation and quarantine field permits";

III.Other materials required to be provided.


(2) Application materials submitted

Guangdong inspection and quarantine bureau according to the output of the country's animal epidemic situation, China's relevant quarantine provisions of the application materials for preliminary examination. Qualified in the preliminary examination, the relevant materials submitted to the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine dynamic supervision department of the plant, and by the Administration agreed to release "Entry Animal and plant quarantine permit".


2. Forecast inspection

Imports of live animals, temporary isolation field within the jurisdiction of the Guangzhou Bureau, or "Entry Animal and plant quarantine permit" in the specified plant quarantine field quarantine, the owner of the goods or the agent should in the 15 days before entry animals report to the port of entry and Guangzhou Bureau to test and quarantine agencies prepare dynamic in the Bureau of Guangzhou.


3. Inspection

Import activities reach the isolation field, the applicant shall promptly handle the formalities of application for inspection, and the inspection shall provide the following materials:

(1) Inspection: The entry inspection form should be in accordance with the basic requirements accurately indicate the date of entry, ports of entry, means of transport, specific contractual requirements.

(2) Inspection shall provide documents: contracts, invoices, bills of lading, packing list, animal quarantine certificate issued by the authority of the exporting country or region, entry animal ear number list, entry animals and plants quarantine permit; port of entry outside the Guangzhou Bureau area should also provide port of entry issued by the inspection and quarantine institutions "entry of goods transferred notice".


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