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Bring pets back form France Pets back home real case
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Material required for pets entry:


1. Animal health certificate issued by government(It must be with government official seal. It is invalid with one by Veterinarian)

You may get the certificate form your veterinarian and then get the official stamp in local Prefecture de service veterinaire. These all need appointment. Levailois Prefecture de  service veterinaire phone number: 01 41 49 08 50. You can also find this number in the local yellow page and then consult for more details.


2. Vaccine inject record

The vaccine must be injected one month ahead of departure.

E.g. If the flight is on Sept 10th and the vaccine was injected on Oct 9th , then the proof material will say vaccine injected in Oct 9th and valid from Sept 9th 2006 to Oct 9th 2007.



1) The cage must be selected. It is better to choose the ones that is not too much like a cage. Normally, the France Airport does not notice that too much, as long as the animal is closed! For small rabbits and other small animals, you can buy plastic cages, light and small, very easy to hide.

2) Be sure to open a letter from the field inspection bureau to prepare for the event. (General it will need a deposit of 2000 Yuan. 30 days after the quarantine animals, if the pets proves to get no disease, then you can get full refund. Only a few quarantine fees will be charged, about a few dozen Yuan.

3) Make sure to arrive at the airport 3 hours ahead and find a vacant window to check the baggage. Then you may have the change to negotiate with the officers.

The ticket by both China Eastern Airlines and Air France (Air France aircraft, China Eastern Airlines charge):

Sometimes you want to buy tickets of France Airline and if it is cheap, then mostly it is co-operated by both China Eastern Airlines and Air France. The ticket is cheaper than the general air ticket, you can also bring pets. If you buy directly from Air France, the cost is mush higher. 53 euro per kg with a cage and it can be with the owner if cage weighs within 5 kg. If you choose this route, be sure to have all the materials ready. You should also call them a week in advance and fill out a form. I feel they don't know the rules and procedures for their pets. For your convenience we still recommend Air France.