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Pet dogs back to China from Pakistan
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Bully Kutta

The Bully Kutta is a breed that originates from the Sindh and Punjab regions of present-day Pakistan, and a descendant from the extinct Alaunt breed. They are most commonly used as guard-dogs in the region. The word Bully derives from the word bohli meaning heavily wrinkled in Hindi/Punjabi, while the word Kutta means dog in South-Asian languages.



The earliest glimpse of this breed comes from an old painting of Mughal Era where Mughal Emperor Akbar is hunting with Bully Kutta type dog (Sindhi Mastiff) along with cheetahs on hunting expeditions.

During the British invasion, the British soldiers brought English mastiff dogs and English Bull terriers and Staffordshire bull terrier with them to India. These dogs later bred with the regional Sindhi mastiff breeds.



The Bully Kutta, known as the ‘Beast from the East’ for its incredible shoulder muscles and formidable lock-jaw strength is a muscular dog that was developed in present-day Pakistan primarily for the purpose of big-game hunting, including wild boars. It also is an ideal watch dog. Predominantly white in color, however fawn, brindle, brown, black and various bicolors are also common. Bully Kutta can also be red nosed/yellow eyed but these are rare. Generally, a Bully Kutta stands 30"-33" tall. Usually they have large heads, strong bone structure, and loose, and stretchy skin.



A Bulli Kutta's temperament ranges in variety. Training them and introducing them to family early on in puppyhood is recommended. It is a very smart dog breed and it can be easily trained. It is loyal and protective of the owner.


Pet cats and dogs to be transported to mainland China

Materials prepared in departing place: animal health certificate, animal health certificate, DHIPPL vaccine, chip

Procedures: Confirm the order-certificate 10 days ahead—inject he vaccine—get the animal health certificate—customs clearance in HK-transport to cities from Shenzhen.