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Take pet to Vietnam from the Mainland,it requires pet go with the master to take the same flight , at the same time to handle the animal health certificate and immune certificate.


Procedures management: Confirm the order-Sign the contract-Inject the vaccine-Health examination-Handle health certificate and port clearance-Customs clearance-Receive the pet


The standard of expense:Door to door delivery, cage, manage the vaccination, health examination, handle the health certifcate, manage the quarantine inspection, manage the transport, RMB3500 for each one, the air freight should be handle by yourself.



1.Take injection of rabie vaccine 30 days in advance

2.Informing the customs service about 15-30 days in advance

3.Take health examination about 7 days in advance

4.Handle the transport 3 hours in advance at the day of boarding


Take pet to Vietnam from Hongkong, don’t need the master take the same flight, but require the animal health certificate et immune certificate.


Relo pet immigrant has been successfully handled so many cases of internation pet transport since the establishment, we believe, through our professional intimate service, will allow you and your pet to enjoy a relaxed and pleasant journey.


Pet going abroad is a long-term or even 'hard' process, you need to patiently to prepare all the documents and materials that customs, animal entry and exit inspection and quarantine departments, pet hospital, airline requires, and each country's quarantine requirements often are not the same. But with us, you can rest assured that all will be handed over easily and quickly, you don’t need to run for this!


Service Items:

1, Injection of the vaccine, chip implanted.

2, Apply for pet exit examination.

3, Managing the forecast for inspection, customs clearance documents and animal health certificate.

4, Booking cabin, customs inspection, managing check process.

In addition, we have many years of experience for pet immigration, can handle quick customs clearance service of pet entry, let you and your pet far from the suffering of separation!


The country and region  for pet services abroad that we provides (including but not limited to):           

The United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hawaii, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, the Netherlands, EU Member States, zone in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries, Russia, India, South Africa and other .