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Take dog to Italy (the real case of pet abroad)
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Every year, many people come to Italy, the Italy belongs to EU, the pet abroad need handle the folllowing documents:

1)The pet abroad of chinese mainland need prepare the immune proof, animal health certificate, serum test report, injection of chip, in addtion, the owner must come with pet, it’s probitten to let pet travel alone.

2)Carry pet to Italy from Hongkong need prepare injection record, animal health certificate, chip, insecticide etc, it’s permitted to let pet take plane alonely and go with airline to go broad.


Handling procedures

1)From mainland to Italy need handle the immune proof about 4 monthes in advance, blood drawing 3 months in advance, take health examination 7 days in advance, handle commodity inspection and animal health certificate.

2)From Hongkong to Italy should take injection of vaccine and chip a month in advance, four days in advance for health examination and health certificate, 2 days in advance for insecticide.


The points to keep pet in Italy should be paid attentionto

Even though the space of city life is narrow, many italian still should like keep dog. At present, the number of italian family which keep dog have reached 7 millions.

Rome, the capital of Italy, is taking stringent measures to those careless pet owners: Don’t take dog for a walk, cut the pet tail and ears will be regarding as the illegal behavior.          

In violation of these regulations, pet owners can be fined up to 500 euros. At the same time, also due to the round tank will make the the goldfish inside can not see things, so the use of a round fish tank is considered too cruel, so the new regulations will prohibit this practice.


The purpose of this local regulation, is to protect the lives of thousands of cats, dogs and other animals in the capital of Italy. The local laws and regulations of the initiator, the Roman city councilman Silena said to Rome "courier": "in this way, the civilization of the city will be improved. Anyway, it’s better to have a little more love, a little bit more care about our pets in our lives."


Rome City Council animal rights office vowed to spread the news of the local regulation through the school, veterinary clinics and animal rights organizations. In addition, the city council will recruit new people, so that they and the city police can supervise the implementation of this law together.


Other new rules include: in the hot season, it’s forbidden to locked pet in the car, animals cannot be used as a shop window display; prohibited beutifying cat's paw; ban the use of electric and sharp dog collar; in the vicinity of the new construction sites must be careful not to hurt the cat; Commodities Fair is not permtted to take the animals as prizes . 


In some Italian cities, if you limit the freedom of movement of animals with chains, if the pets’ nest built not strong enough or ventilation is not smooth, if the living conditions of pet was poor, pet owners will be subject to legal sanctions. Regulations embody the "social contract" between the owner and the pet, constraints the pet owner, at the same time ensuring the rights of animals, once violated the rights of animals, the owner will be punished accordingly. In theory, these Regulations are applicable to all the animals, but in fact is mainly for the pet dogs and cats that they have the right to enjoy the most basic rights, including regular exchanges with similar and reproduce.


Italian pays special attention to pet's "special needs". Different with the United States and other countries which advocate birth control for pet, Italy believes that pet "reasonably necessary sexy life must be satisfied and the country's laws and regulations specifically pointed out that animal master has the obligation to ensure their pets’ health and welfare, including the rights of animal breeding generation, the owner must ensure that animals have enough food, must also regularly take your pet to the vet for health examination.


Italian animal law also stipulates that the pets' nest shall not be less than 8 square meters, should have sufficient light, good ventilation and right temperature, unless it is necessary, otherwise not allowed to chain the animal's neck. Anyone can’t train a dog to fight, are not allowed to sell the pet to laboratory vivisection as well, nor as a reward to other people, if someone is making such a move, anyone can report, report can get government incentives. 


Relo pet immigrant has been successfully handled so many cases of internation pet transport since the establishment, we believe, through our professional intimate service, will allow you and your pet to enjoy a relaxed and pleasant journey.


Pet going abroad is a long-term or even 'hard' process, you need to patiently to prepare all the documents and materials that customs, animal entry and exit inspection and quarantine departments, pet hospital, airline requires, and each country's quarantine requirements often are not the same. But with us, you can rest assured that all will be handed over easily and quickly, you don’t need to run for this!


Service Items:

1, Injection of the vaccine, chip implanted.

2, Apply for pet exit examination.

3, Managing the forecast for inspection, customs clearance documents and animal health certificate.

4, Booking cabin, customs inspection, managing check process.

In addition, we have many years of experience for pet immigration, can handle quick customs clearance service of pet entry, let you and your pet far from the suffering of separation!


The country and region for pet services abroad that we provides (including but not limited to):           

The United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hawaii, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, the Netherlands, EU Member States, zone in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries, Russia, India, South Africa and other