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Take pet abroad to America of Shenzhen (the case of pet broad)
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Flight information: HKG-LAS 

AWB: 016-69534021

Airline: UA

Flight# UA 862 (HKG-SFO)  / UA 780 (SFO-LAS)

ETD: 21 JUN / 1130AM

ETA: 21 JUN / 1331PM


The US is the most popular place where the people bring their pet, Some of them are immigrant, some are labors, some are foreigners, but the majority is the oversea students, American is very kind fro pet, no matter where the pet come from, there is no need to be isolated, only to handle the following documents:

1) Health certificate

2)Immune record


The way of keeping pet in America


Americain care about much the pet, every state, every city, even every residence, have the special law and provisions for keeping pet. As long as you disobey the rules, the tribunal comes, For example, take the dog out for a walk to the Department, it should wear a belt or a mask, pets’ stool should be cleaneds, and the owner should take the infectious examination regularly for the pet, especially the pet played in the outdoor activities etc..          


This issue should be told from two aspects, on the one hand, the owner should take good care of pets, abuse of small animals will be subject to legal sanctions. On the other hand, the owner should pay special attention to the aggressive or dangerous pet. If the owner are negligent to let pet harm others, the owner should bear legal liability.


People in the United States for a pet lawsuit have a lot, so some special lawyers who handle such cases came into present. Here to look at the two lawsuit cases because of a dog .



The responsibility and obligation of the dog owner        


In most states of the United States, if a dog bites a man, the owner of a dog has to bear the financial responsibility. Most states have imposed strict liability rules, that is, whether it is not the owner's fault, he (she) must bear the responsibility for the dog bite. If you entered the border without permission, tease, irritated or abused dogs which cause dog bites, the responsability of dog owner will be less .       


In addition to these regulations, the court also established a set of rules known as the "common law" rules system. In accordance with the regulations, if the owner of the dog knew in advance that the dog may pose a danger to people and harm people, the owner of the dog should bear legal liability. However, people being bitten by the dog must prove that the the dog bite incident led directly to the lack of control of the owner.


In most personal injury lawsuits, the owner of the dog must compensate for the medical expenses of the bitten person, and thus the loss of wages or property, etc.. If the dog's owner behavior fierce, or his dog once bited others. The dog's owner will pay punitive damages, Although the pain of bitten is difficult to assess, but can also be compensated. The person bitten must prove the scope and value of the loss.


Kenneth Phillips, Losangeles, California, is a lawyer specializing in dog bites. He said the United States does not have a unified law involving dogs, each state has its own laws. Generally, this law can be divided into two categories. The old law stipulates that if the dog has bitten people, then, from that time on, the dog's owner will be responsible for the dog's behavior. The new law stipulates that even if dog did not bite the human, as long as it bites, the dog's owner to bear the responsibility.