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The United States with a pet cat
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As the second largest city in China, Shanghai has the  most flow of people. Of course, more and more pet cats and dog come there. Just imagine when you come back home after a-day tired work and see you cute droopy pets at home. You will feel great at once.. There are also pets now want to travel abroad. And pets owners want there babies live together with them abroad. So how’s the pet immigration procedures ?



The simplest is to take the pet to the United States. There are two ways for this:

The first is travel with luggage

Direct flights from Shanghai to US is available. It is generally by Eastern Airlines, and they have a limited variety of pet, weight.

Variety: They do not accept the short-nose pet for luggage travel, because they are afraid of hot and cold environment thus easy to suffocate.

Weight: 32KG limit


Second : in cabin

Pets can be put under the flight seat as a small baggage. However, not every airline allows so. For detail information, you may consult to airlines company.


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