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Take cat to Australia from Chongqing(the case of pet abroad)
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Not all the animal and the breed animal are permitted to Australia, especially for the dangerous animal that Australia ressist, or the animal from the country which have infectious disease, and the government should set limit to it.


 The links below provide the import conditions and quarantine requirements for pet

animals that currently can be imported into Australia.Most of animals enter into Australia must obtain the permission of AQIS,then can be allowed to enter


You can click the followiing the animal english name to look the original page in english

 Birds – Only to apply for the permission of AQIS and pass through it, can be allowed to enter into Newzeland.

 Cats – Only to apply for the permission of AQIS and pass through it, can be allowed to enter into all the region of Australia.

 Dogs – Only to apply for the permission of AQIS and pass through it, can be allowed to enter into all the region of Australia.

 Horses –Only to apply for the permission of AQIS and pass through it, can be allowed to enter into all the region of Australia.  

 Rabbits – Only to apply for the permission of AQIS and pass through it, can be allowed to enter into Newzeland.

In addition, Currently the latest law cases indicated that, other species also can enter into Australia. These include: fish, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamster, lizards, mice, snakes, spiders and turtles.

 ——Concerning the entry procedures of animals above, you can look the entry cases databases (click the blue link in english 1) for further information.


 ——If you want to obtain the entry qualification due to breed (import semen and ovum), please click the above relevant blue link 2.

The following violet link in english is the entry procedures of fish and laboratory animals.

 (A)Concerning the permit of application of keeping birds, you should apply for the procedures through the local legal quarantine operator of Newzeland before going to Newzeland.

 1-You can download from the official website(Can download in the last part of this Article).

 2-Acclaim from the agent of bird quarantine of Newzeland in your country


  (B)In addition, before going to Newzeland, you should contact with one of three quarantine inspection center of Australia through email and telephone, and reserve the quarantine inspection of the staff after passing the boundary. The site that you reserved should in the agent of quarantine inspection center to ensure the examination with the help of inspector, it’s neccessary.

You can choose from one of the three which you think is more convient. The address of contact of the three quarantine inspection center of Australia

 ——Eastern Creek Quarantine Station:


 60 Wallgrove Rd Eastern Creek NSW 2766


 Phone:61 2 9625 4566

 Fax: 61 2 9832 1532  


——Byford Quarantine Station

Address:  Byford Animal Quarantine Station

 PO Box 61 Byford, WA 6201



 Telephone:(08) 9525 1763  

 Facsimile: (08) 9526 2199


 ——spotswood quarantine inspection station(Melbourne,Victoria)


 Spotswood Animal Quarantine Station PO Box 300 Newport, Victoria 3015



 Telephone:((03) 9391 1627

 Facsimile: (03) 9391 0860   


The staff of quarantine inspection center of Australia,will supervise and help you to finish the formalities of 2 isolation and quarantine inspection before abroad and after abroad, they are both with responsability and rich experience, and well trained with professional knowledges, some among them used to be the parametic in the quarantine station, some used to work in the shelter of dogs, your pet will be taken full cared of



The staff of quarantine inspection both are the staff of the British commonwealth, because they are not allowed to accept the gift from the transportor, if you want to present your gratitude, please log in the feedback website( the blue link), and publish your lettre of thanks.



The above information can only tell one important problem: if you want to ensure your pet safely and effectively arrive to the destination during the quarantine inspection and entry, never try to bribe the staff of Australia, it will cause troubles.




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Pet going abroad is a long-term or even 'hard' process, you need to patiently to prepare all the documents and materials that customs, animal entry and exit inspection and quarantine departments, pet hospital, airline requires, and each country's quarantine requirements often are not the same. But with us, you can rest assured that all will be handed over easily and quickly, you don’t need to run for this!


Service Items:


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